Jesus The Christ Has Risen!



And on the 3rd day Jesus rose from the grave like He said… when the disciples saw him they held his feet and worshipped him with great joy!. When the guards reported to the cheif priest that the stone of the tomb had been rolled back and Jesus’ body was gone they paid them to tell the people his body was stolen by the disciples.

And the story still stands among the Jews until this day…. but guess what, HE IS RISEN!!!! #IServeALivingGod #LookForHimAmongTheLiving

Good Friday 1Corinthians 1:18 .

The Cross that Christ died on for our sins to be forgotten.

Christ died so that we could live and have life more abundantly in Him. Don’t worry the story didn’t end there because on the 3rd day Jesus rose again and we now get to experience the power of His resurrection. The cross symbolises the Fathers love for us and how far he was willing to go to save his people with the ultimate sacrifice; the lamb without blemish, who is Jesus himself. When God looks at us now he sees us through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ -behind the cross. This is what you call a benevolent Father; who is more loving than He.