I Give Myself Away!

We sing ‘I Give myself away so you can use me’ but what are we really asking for. Some of us sing this with the hope God will use us to become a preacher, minister, music leader etc.. something that holds a title. Jesus didn’t only come to be a sacrifice for our sins, He also came to give, to help, to be a friend and to show perfect love.

I believe when we sing this song he grants us that exact desire, it may not be a promotion he will bless you with but he will use you in other people’s lives just as you are. When that person comes up to you and asks for help and you say you don’t have time- that was God trying to use you right there. Jesus came to do so many things and he wants us to carry on with what we may think is small. Sometimes we just need to do the obvious, that which is naturally expected of us as servants of God. I pray that God will start to use us in a personal way that will affect the life of others. Let’s sacrifice ourselves for others! 





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