“If the gospel is easy why would there be a need for the Holy Spirit?

Often it is easy to observe scripture as though the commands are something we simply have to figure out how to do by ourselves. The Holy Spirit is often seen as a soft help in times of real struggle. This is the very same Spirit that sustained Jesus and rose him from the grave (Romans 8:11). What if our constant failings are simply as a result of thinking little of God’s power required in righteous living (John 6:63)?

We must remember that without divine intervention the Pharisees would qualify above us all and would be in a similar standing to Christ but we know that the holiness God requires is one that no man can achieve unless he goes to God himself (John 15:5).

When we fall away it is not that God is weak but rather our reliance on him became too little till it eventually became non existent.

Lord remind us of our need for you and deliver us from self dependency and pride”.


Given to us by Kofi M-A


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