Believe and Receive

We all have been provided with a ‘Survival Kit’ that can potentially solve any problem we encounter. Inside this ‘Kit’ we have the Holy Spirit, Scripture, Prayer, Praise/Worship and we have the First aider on call – Jesus Christ himself. Some of us forget we have the kit, some of us don’t know how to use it properly and some don’t even have the strength to open it. I believe God wants us to use our equipment  more productively in every situation; we have all we need and Jesus is on call to guide us through, to be that helping hand. We can combine these elements together to not only help ourselves but to nurse and encourage others. God is saying I am here and I have also left you a helper and if you don’t feel so sure at times seek me, Praise me, Worship me! Deuteronomy 31:6 says – ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’
Matthew 21: 18-22 tells us If you Believe you will truly receive so lets worker harder for His Kingdom.


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