God’s image should become our image

“He is mine and I am His, it doesn’t matter what I did because he only see’s me for who I am.

Imagine, God can see the best in us even when we can’t; and when other people can’t. The way he see’s us is the way he made us, so when you begin to doubt, lose faith, or drop off just remember you are still His. We need to begin to run back to him no matter what because he didn’t plan for us to fail, no, that is what the enemy wants.

Genesis 1:27 says “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them”.

If you feel like you’re transforming into anything but God’s imagine you need to run back to Him. Remind yourself of the creator and how he made you, also what he looks like because that is exactly what we should be aiming for. We need to reflect His image which shouldn’t be too hard if we begin to spend more time with Him in prayer, meditation and worship. Just as we can begin to pick up our friends mannerisms/ way of talking if we spend a lot of time with them, it is the same with God. Let’s start to use our time wisely. Let’s get closer and deeper with God. Let’s build intimacy with Him.

1 to God, 0 to the Enemy.

Peace be with you!


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