What are you building on?

We need to have a great foundation to built anything for Jesus, because one day he will come back to judge that very foundation.  1 Corinthians 3: 6-17 talks about our foundations being tried and revealed, this means the materials we use to build have to be able to go through fire. Verse 12 talks of using Gold, silver, precious stones, wood and hay, this means God wants the best from us…. The expensive stuff!. We can’t cut costs on building materials, on what we do for him and the reason behind it.  Some people have great foundations but nothing built, real service to God should cost us it should also push us. One day our structure will be judged and at this moment it could be going through some quality checks, to be tried and tested. When this happens the enemy is also at play, he wants to bring the entire structure down so make sure you are strong enough to withhold the storm. Keep prayed up! Stay in the Word! Exercise your faith daily! Stay connected to God!

That makes it Jesus 1 Enemy – None.

Jesus is qualified to judge- john5: 27




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